Welcome to my blog!

I am an educator and writer and focus on social issues and human rights.  I am particularly concerned with issues of tolerance and equality, racism, poverty, and violence.  I will be sharing my opinion on a range of issues and will try to provide references as needed or if helpful.  I enjoy engaging in debate about these issues but will not encourage or tolerate messages of hate.  I strongly believe that it is through such debate and critical analysis that we can truly identify what we value, why we value what we do, and if we need to make adjustments to that which we may value at the moment.

That being said, not all of my blogs will be serious. I do have a broad sense of humor and will be sharing some of that as well.  I also watch way too many movies and television shows and am almost constantly listening to music whenever possible.  So sit back and enjoy the humor and stay in touch with current affairs.


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